My project for AGBIC 2016.

Manage a procedural generated "metal" band as they struggle to pay the bills and write cool new songs.

It's also kind of a deck building game?


  • Swipe left to reveal band members. tap on them to select their task for the week
  • Swipe right to build a song. Drag loops into the trashcan to add them to the song
  • Hit play on main screen to play song. Drag cards to center row to create groups of 3.
  • Skulls draw cards. Axes and Flames deal "damage". Coffins enhance your other cards.
  • ????
  • ^^^ actually just do that until you lose...
  • Profit.

Based off of this case by くわさん

with music by Ben Morris

art and design by Zack Baker

supplemental free assets provided by

Features left out due to time:

  • Fully combinatorial card system. (we were close, but not quite there)
  • Better UI feedback
  • Polish on the loop editor etc.
  • BUGS
  • feedback for when a loop gets added tro a song


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After week 1, no more cards appear on the "board", so it's impossible to play. What am I doing wrong? >:|

Hey! thanks for playing! It looks like you may have encountered a bug :(. Hunting now and will hopefully have an update soon!