Made for Dr Alan Fowler's Mobile and Casual Course, Undercroft is an attempt to make a lightweight, quick, and enjoyable single player card game for iPad.

The game was made by just me and I was a little ambitious with some of the mechanics. There is no meta progression and there is only one character deck. (You can play as The Poet by clicking around but no specific cards).

I did not have the time resources to put in a tutorial (watch the video for an ideo of how to play) and some parts (any cards with a skull symbol on them) were mostly working working but I turned them off for this version due to bugs.

Speaking of, there are a few lingering and hard to produce bugs in the game. but if you encounter any, I am sorry. The biggest one is that sometimes when you run out of cards, the game will freeze and I am not sure why.

Content creation is a bear for a card game but I feel I learned a lot through the experience as always.

GenreRole Playing, Card Game
Made withConstruct


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Very good game, I enjoy it. but the first game I started got freezed when I tried to pull a monster card and there is no way to "delete" that game.

Anyways is a game with huge potential and is simple to get into.

Thank you for playing! I know it is just full of bugs but I appreciate your kind words!

There it´s any future for it someday?

Perhaps. more likely than not there will be  some  kind of card game. I love making them too much. But this game in its current form is likely dead.