Week1: A change of perspective

So this is the devlog for my game I am making over the summer for course credit for Dr. Alan Fowler's Studio class. I am making a small first-person adventure RPG called SWORDS! It is a cheeky and grungy fantasy game where every time you die, you wake up as a different character somewhere new but all of the things you did in the previous life are saved. The world changes, puzzles become easier depending on your character, and you die, hopefully, a lot.

This week I finished brainstorming and got to work writing a GDD and Gannt chart. Amidst that and work and family obligations I also dabbled with MagicaVoxel and found it to be a fantastic tool for creating quality 3d art in a short amount of time. SWORDS! started life as a top-down action RPG and has now morphed into a first person game. The cool part about this shift is that I already had some art made and was using some of the Oryx Assets . Instead of coming up with a whole new style for the new perspective I have simply adapted the 2d and voxel art I already made. The most difficult part was figuring out how to efficiently build levels using mostly 2d assets. This is achieved with a sprite shader that accepts lights and shadows and a billboarding script along with actual 3d objects for the larger props. As you can see in the GIFs the effect is pretty striking. Next on the agenda is interactions, stats, UI, and combat. That's it for this week. Thanks for reading!

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